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Martial arts and self-defence training in enjoyable and relaxed sessions

Practical self-defence

Our classes aim to teach self-defence skills that are truly practical on the street. Once the foundations are established Practical Wing Chun aims to teach a system of movement that enables you to effectively defend yourself in many situations.


Martial arts training requires dedication and focus which take time to develop. Enjoying your training is also incredibly important so we ensure our classes take place in a relaxed atmosphere. We're here to teach you martial arts, not to act as your drill sergeant.


Our classes always include a "sweat" component where we train for power and energy development through variety of exercises and focus pad work using focus pads. Wing Chun Kung Fu utilises correct body alignment as a corner stone of training and improving your postural muscles will aid your strength development in many other pursuits.


Improving your fitness, posture and communication skills through martial arts training is a great way to boost your confidence in your daily life.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Adult self-defence classes in Winchester. Try a free class now.

Adult Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are currently running twice a week in Winchester, Hampshire.

Class times

Monday, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday, 7:30pm - 9:00pm


Squash Court 4,
River Park Leisure Centre,


Our Wing Chun Kung Fu classes, in Winchester, teach the Chinese self-defence art of Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu. Through the study of this ancient martial art you will learn to effectively defend yourself in street situations.

Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches a practitioner to defend oneself using an attacker's force against them, avoiding power vs power techniques and instead focusing on redirecting and off-lining incoming attacks.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu refers to any study, learning or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. Training in Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu will require dedication in order to receive the highest benefits.

For this reason we recommend that all our students attend 2 classes a week. If attending 1 class a week it will be important to put in additional training in your own time.


UCT International offers grades in Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu to those that have shown progress in their training.

Gradings are taken by Sifu Benno Wai, a direct student of Sifu Wan Kam Leung, and offer the opportunity for deepening the students understanding of the art as well as recognition for their progress. An invaluable opportunity to get feed back on ones training we recommend that students always attend these grading seminars, regardless of if they wish to be tested for a grade themselves.


Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the fastest growing lineages of Wing Chun with plenty of media of our teachers and peers available on YouTube. Spend some time to see Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu in action with some of the best practitioners around the world.

Jing Wu Kids™

Martial arts classes for kids teaching self-defence and life skills. Try a free class now.

Jing Wu Kids™ classes are running now in Cheriton, Hampshire.


Tuesday, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, during term times

Kids can be dropped in from 3:30pm

Sun Hill Junior School
Sun Lane
SO24 9NB


Wednesday, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Kids can be dropped in from 3:30pm

Cheriton Primary school
SO24 0QA

Martial arts and much more

With Wing Chun Kung Fu at it's core our Jing Wu Kids program will teach your child practical self-defence techniques in fun and engaging sessions.

Health and fitness are at the heart of everything we do with our kids and a emphasis is placed on these in every game we play.

Benefits of kids martial arts

Jing Wu Kids™ classes teach a wide range of skills to your child. In our classes they will:

  • Learn practical self-defence skills
  • Improve fitness and conditioning
  • Improve balance
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Greater discipline


Our kids syllabus is structured to allow regular gradings so your kids can receive recognition for their hard work in classes.


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Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu

Adult's martial art classes

1 class / week
£32.50 / month
  • Train once a week in our Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu classes
  • Steady progress
    through the system
  • Learn self-defence
  • No long term contract
2 classes / week
£55.00 / month
  • Train twice a week in our Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu classes
  • Far greater rate of progress through the system
  • Learn self-defence
  • No long term contract

Jing Wu Kids™

Kid's martial art classes

1 class / week
£25.00 / month
  • Train once a week in our Jing Wu Kids classes
  • Improve your child's fitness, strength and conditioning
  • Classes starting soon
  • No long term contract

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